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July 23, 2005


I have fond memories of the original Quatermass and the Pit BBC live TV broadcast, and actually have a tape of it I watched recently. When I watched the tape, I actually liked it even more, despite the black & white video, non-existent SFX, etc. Nigel Kneale's script is wonderful. The Hammer Film of yore isn't too bad either, with Peter Cushing as Quatermass, and evil grasshoppers from Mars as the bad guys (Five Million Years to Earth).

I too have seen the tv version of Q and the pit, but I like the film version better. My favorite of the series is No. 2. The alien space pods are crashing on earth and taking over the minds of the civilians. There is a government conspiracy that only Brian Donlevy can break apart. I particularily liked the scene where the minister comes out of the tank all cvered in black liquid. He's dying from some sort of ammonia poisoning. I remember that scene from 30-40 years ago when I first saw it. It's just so creepy.

Just watched and enjoyed Constantine. Fun movie. Did I tell you I got the DVD Double Feature, Quartermass and the Pit and Quartermass 2? Most fun stuff, although I'm more enamored of Constantine at the moment. Will it stay in my memory to the same extent as did Quartermass and the Pit? Time will tell. Meanwhile I received in the mail today Castle In the Sky, Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service. Watched George Pal's Time Machine this last weekend also. Hm, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning is on in the background. I've never seen the whole thing, saw the end of it several times. Same tonight it seems.

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