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July 16, 2005


So you "accidently" bought books twice in one 24 hour period. I like that expression, I may start to use it. I haven't read a Harry Potter book yet, although I have nothing against them. I have seen the first 2 movies. I should get around to it one of these days.

Claire and her friends have read the series. She hasn't been as far into it. I think she was just getting through the last book a little while ago, not interested in taking the time to read this one right now with her play in production. You aren't the first grown-up muggle to talk about reading it non-stop and I am getting curious. Sounds like it is more like adult fantasy than kiddie-lit. Nice to see it taking off and succeeding - but the publishing industry puts too much into a handful of blockbuster authors, nobody else gets a chance to sell a book. The publisher is screwing the bookstores - this time even the big chains - by selling this one in grocery and drug stores at huge discounts.

Don't get me started on big industrial combines screwing the indepentent business owner but realistically it's just their turn in the barrel. The book business is changing and people are adapting to the change, unfortunately some are much slower than others and they are thrown down to the side of the road, and kicked in the nuts if they don't get out of the way. Even though I work in an independent store I pick stuff up in other venues, for a varity of reasons.
Harry's series starts more like it might be aimed at a 10-12 year olds and gets more adult as they progress. I was very sceptical and more interested in the craze than the books but after I read the first
I was hooked and have become a huge Potter fan. The last book has even more darkness but then so do many of the kids and young adult books I have read. I think it's just how well it's presented.
I was reading from the adult section at the library when I was around 14 and had read several adult novels, like James Bond, at home by then. I read my parents books occasionally. My mother introduced me to several mystery writers and I grew to like a good mystery and Harry and pals are also in a good mystery. I'll be sorry to see it end but there are many other good and even better books out there. More than I can read.

I finished the book Saturday. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book too. However I don't think that it is necessarily the end of Harry Potter. It might be the end of Voldemort but Harry will still be young and I'm sure there will still be villains out there.

Of course, you can always be entertained by people who say the books are Sinful, like "Is Harry Potter Harmless?"* I guess I'm doomed although I can't wait until the new Harry Potter movie later this year.


I just found your comment and read the link. I also found some mistakes in that article. Little things but mistakes none the less.

Here's a snip from that article.

Rev. Robert Frisken of Christian Community Schools Ltd in Australia says: "The ordinary person is typified as being bad because they have no (magic) powers, and heroes are the people who are using the occult. Good finds itself in the occult, which is an inversion of morality for many Christian people"

Back to Garth

This is the kind of thing these articles have that drives me batshit crazy. If you read the books, what few muggles that do appear are pretty much regular people. The Durleys are obviously the worst and they aren't that bad. None of them is a murderer...or are they? No, they are not. They are just selfish jerks.

Here's another bit.

Rowling, a graduate of Exeter University in England, is very familiar with occultic practices, using elements and philosophies behind "pagan religions, celtic religions, the religions of the druids, witchcraft, [and] satanism."

Back to me. I wondered if there might be a reason to toss the University in there with the pagans. Do you get that kind of lesson plan at modern U's. I don't find much religion in Harry Potter at all, there isn't anything like that in Hogwart's, and certainly no Satanism.

One last bit.

Author Richard Abanes has written a book called Harry Potter and the Bible. He says that the movie and books not only teach anti-Christian lessons on the occult, but also moral relativism, and desensitize children to profanity and off-color humor.

Back to me. I read the Richard Albanes book and it has these same sort of arguments and mistakes. He spent a lot of it commenting on popular media. There isn't enough profanity in the series to desensitize a mouse, well, a rude mouse. Most American sitcoms are ruder than the series. It's certainly tamer than most real kids talk. Of course, I live for profanity, and I share, with those children, a liking for off-color humor. I just don't find anything wrong with this. We're all not on the same page. We're never going to be, people don't change that much once their brains are done. I just picked up another book on the subject but from a positive viewpoint. I haven't read it yet. I'm bettin' I'll like it better.


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