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March 11, 2006


I've seen both of these. I liked Mirror Mask better than Atragon and also more than you liked it, I think. I've read several Neil Gaiman books, including American Gods, which I definitely enjoyed, and Anansi Boys, which I also enjoyed (although I liked the last third of it (or something to that effect) more than the first two-thirds). Somewhere around here I also have Neverwhere, The Sandman and Wolves in the Walls. I've also seen the movie version of Neverwhere which I thought was enjoyable and interesting. Now admittedly I did not watch Mirror Mask all the way through in one sitting. I came back to it a couple of times. Obviously it didn't really grab me and hold me but I still liked it. I've also got his Marvel 1602 graphic novel around here somewhere and I enjoyed that too.

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