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April 09, 2007


Hilarious House of Frightenstein... oh, my God. I watched it recently and can't believe I spent any time watching it as a kid. But I did, and I liked it. It had to have something to do with horror and SF being so hard to find on TV when I was a kid. We watched ANYTHING. Nowadays, it's hard to find a channel where there isn't SF or horror playing.

It's probably better that I didn't buy that dvd. I remembered liking it as a kid but I like Voyage to the bottom of the sea then and that turned out to bed pretty poor. Have Gun Will Travel turned out to be better than I hoped. I think the high volume of production of sf and horror movies and tv has made the product poorer. The Sci Fi channel is a wasteland of crap movies and poor mini series. Like Sturgeon says 90 percent of everything is crap. Occasionally they have something on that was pretty good. Like The Lost Room, better than most of their stuff. I'm watching Coffy tonight and maybe Foxy Brown after. There a cute topness girl dancing on my tv right now. It's some sort of night club I guess. That's crap that I like. I don't see much Blacksplotation. They ran these on Turner Classic Movies. Late at night. They have some good stuff on that channel.

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