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April 07, 2007


You went to Winnipeg in April during a cold snap? Good for you. Mike and Susan are great hosts. I miss Sal's. We have White Spots on the left Coast but the sauce or the coffee seems to give me the screaming .. yeah you know. I like to settle in at Starbucks with a paper, a pastry and a dark roast. Their Espresso doesn't quite cut it but it's clean, quiet and reasonably priced.

I agree with you on the new trend in movie torture. Movies like HOSTEL just leave me cold. Dull crap, without merit. I haven't seen any of the SAW movies. I didn't like the ear-cutting torture scene in RESERVOIR DOGS, either. It's just so mundane, a cheap and easy way to gross-out (or thrill as it may be) the audience. It reminds me of kids who swear in front of adults... what choice do they have when their vocabulary is so limited?

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