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October 24, 2007


Not sure what you've done with it.. but if you're still looking to get rid of it, I'll take it. :D

excellent sport engines and are fast car kit definitely my thing, adrenaline and emotion behind the wheel is great, congratulations on the blog is excellent and the subject of the best, thanks for sharing.

We found a Planetoids LX-009 City in its box at the dump. Does any one have the instruction manual for this toy?

I was going through my sons toys and I found the planetoids 9316, still in orginal purple box w/green lid with the cardboard wrap around it,it is the gyro fighter, manual also in box. Any one interested I am willing to sell. Not sure on price yet I am checking on the value of it.

I had this exact set. It was pathetic. I never managed to build the entire thing. Kept distracting myself with combining it into different shit.

I bought this from a carbooters and i gavé no instructions where can i get them from

Sadly I gave them away with the set and the kids who got them trashed them and tossed them out.

OH my god! I've been trying to find the name of this set for years. I was 10 when it came out. I had the spaceship and over the course of a year could never ever get it to work. Thanks for the lead.

I have this set, the LX009 you know what is the value?

No idea but I suspect it isn't worth much. Mega Blocks don't sell for as much as a similar size LEGO set might. You'd have to check it out on eBay periodically to get an idea of what it's selling for. I don't see any offered now, nor in the sold items.

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